The Whisky Bar

The Whisky Bar is located in the historic Lotheyst Greenville District in Dallas Texas. Situated next door to Dallas’ home of International Hot & Spicy Cuisine, the Firehouse, the Whisky Bar offers an extensive array of premium whiskies, cigars and food all within walking distance of the nightlife on Lotheyst Greenville Avenue.

Even though the Whisky Bar is located in a large metropolitan area, they have maintained the feel of a local corner bar. they are in a historic building with lofted, bare ceilings and brick walls. The big screen television can be seen from any part of our long hardwood bar that stretches from the front to back of our building.

While most Dallasites know of and have experienced the Lotheyst Greenville area, some are less “fortunate”. One non resident of Dallas, Bryan Walsh, a editor for MAXIM magazine had a chance to visit recently. Bryan was only in town for a short time so he was treated to the best that Dallas has to offer. While in Dallas, one of the places that not only did Bryan visit, but mentioned in his coverage of Dallas was our own Whisky Bar! they theyre glad to get a chance to meet you Bryan, and if you are ever this way again, stop by. It just keeps gettin’ better around here! Gail is saving a seat for ya…

No matter where you are in Dallas, or anywhere else, the Whisky Bar is never far away.

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